Next Orientation: Saturday, November 4th


New Volunteer Orientation! Saturday, November 4 at 12:30 PM – 2:30 PM !!

BACC volunteers provide free childcare for grassroots organizations in the struggle for liberation. We see childcare as a form of activism and recognize mothers and caretakers as vital leaders of every movement.

Our orientations are a two-hour crash course covering 1) why we do what we do / the need for childcare & family-centered movement spaces, 2) childcare practice 101, 3) how BACC works logistically.

Bring a friend, bring two friends! Volunteering is fun and fun-damental to support progressive change in our community!

RSVP to or through our facebook event: . Please bring contact info (email or phone #s) for two references, one of whom may be a close friend or relative.


About Bay Area Childcare Collective

Our Mission We are committed to offering childcare resources to grassroots organizations composed of and led by m/others who face multiple oppressions, primarily by providing competent and politicized childcare to low/no income immigrant m/others and m/others of color.

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