are you… a BACC member? an organization looking for childcare? interested in getting involved? send us your questions about how we work as an organization and we’ll try to address them here.

Q: Do you pay your childcare providers? Do you charge a fee to organizations?

A: We are mainly volunteer, and provide free childcare to our partner groups and other groups that fit our mission as capacity allows. However, we encourage organizations to pay and pay well for childcare. We’re currently building a list of paid childcare providers who have social justice values in the Bay Area, to share with organizations. We receive several paying requests per month. If you’re looking for paid work, please check it out! To join:

We also have a travel reimbursement fund for members for whom transportation costs to shifts are a barrier. Providers are welcome to join both BACC and the Bay Area Social Justice Childcare Provider Network (which will have its own webpage one of these days).

Q: I have a BACC shift coming up in the next week and I feel like I’m getting sick. What should I do?

A: Let us know ASAP! Even if it’s a few days before a shift and you feel like you’re coming down with something, let us know. That gives us time to find backup if needed. It’s important that you don’t come to shifts sick, but the more time we have to ensure coverage, the better!

Q: Do volunteers need to provide their own materials?

A: Yes and no. Some of the sites where we do childcare are stocked with materials, others are not. We encourage volunteers to designate a childcare bag or backpack and bring it with them on shifts. Low-cost/free/transportable supply ideas include:

  • Your recycling + Tape + Scissors
  • Old sheets, fabric scraps + safety pins
  • Reused paper + drawing supplies
  • Old sock + old tennis ball = awesome throwing thing
  • Old socks + felt scraps + used yarn + hot glue gun = sock puppets!
  • Cardboard for construction projects
  • Several small cars/vehicles
  • Popsicle sticks
  • a few great books
  • be creative!

Free and Low-Cost places to get arts&crafts supplies and other materials: