Are you a parent or guardian looking for childcare? Check out these links for childcare resources in the Bay Area.

Our Mission

We are committed to offering childcare resources to grassroots organizations composed of and led by m/others (mothers and other caregivers) who face multiple oppressions, primarily by providing competent and politicized childcare to low/no income immigrant m/others and m/others of color.

Our History

The Bay Area Childcare Collective was formed in 2002 in response to the very real need for childcare among social justice organizations. We are part of a long-term effort to build multi-generational movements with parents, women and children at the center.

Our Vision

The Bay Area Childcare Collective hopes to play a part in building a movement that prioritizes the voices and political agendas of women and mothers, especially women of color, low-income women, and immigrants.

We see childcare as a political act. To that end, we put the utmost emphasis on accountability, both to the organizations we partner with, and to the children and parents we work with. In order for any movement to succeed, its ideas must be passed on from generation to generation. The Bay Area Childcare Collective works to make sure that children enjoy themselves and are informed about the work that their parents are doing. We hope to help children realize themselves as valuable and important members of the community and the movement.

Because the needs of parents have traditionally not been recognized, and because parents’ access to quality childcare is sporadic at best, we are committed to providing grassroots organizations and movements composed of and led by immigrant women, low-income women, and women of color with trained, competent, patient and politicized childcare providers for one-time events and ongoing meetings. We are committed to taking leadership from the organizations we partner with, and we aim to help organizations take steps to organize self-sufficient, sustainable childcare if they identify childcare as an institutional need.


Guiding Principles

view our guiding principles as a google doc!

Childcare Collective Structure

The Bay Area Childcare Collective consists of a base of volunteer providers, who commit to provide childcare at least once a month. The collective is organized by the Core, which meets once a month. Collective members and interested community members are invited to attend and participate in Core meetings.

Each organization we work with has a coordinator who plans childcare and responds to the needs of that particular group.

If you have questions, are interested in joining the Core or are interested in coming to a meeting, please contact us at

Who We Work With

The Bay Area Childcare Collective works with any organization that fits within the scope of our mission, depending on our capacity. During the typical childcare shift, parents are on site.  The volunteers engage the youth with toys, books, games, arts, crafts, music, and political education.

Here is a list of organizations for which we currently provide childcare as long-term partners:

  • La Colectiva de Mujeres / The Women’s Collective, a worker-run cleaning collective and voice for immigrant workers in SF (and nationally!).
  • Causa Justa :: Just Cause, a multi-racial, grassroots organization building community leadership to achieve justice for low-income San Francisco and Oakland residents. CJJC merged with another of BACC’s long-term partner groups, POWER (People Organized to Win Employment Rights) in 2014, and with St. Peter’s Housing Coalition in 2010.
  • LeftRoots, a national formation of social movement organizers and activists who want to connect grassroots struggles to a strategy to win liberation for all people and the planet. (BACC works with the Bay Area branch.)
  • Young Women’s Freedom Center: “Building a movement of formerly incarcerated and system involved young women to transform the systems that keep us living in poverty, stuck in cycles of violence, and incarcerated.”

Other groups we’ve worked with lately include Bay Resistance, Parent Voices Oakland and Black Teacher Project.

While we prioritize providing childcare for our long-term partner groups, we work with other groups on a case-by-case basis as capacity allows. Strategically, we try to work with groups that:

  • are building community power and fighting for more than reform
  • center the membership and promote the leadership of m/others (mothers & other caregivers) who experience multiple oppressions
  • are low-resourced (but having a childcare budget is not a disqualifying factor!)

However, we get many more requests from groups that meet these criteria than we’re able to fill, and we’ve learned that when we overextend ourselves the quality of care we provide directly suffers.

The next determining factor will be whether any of our core members are able to bottom-line organizing volunteers for the event. Right now, we’re down to 3 core members–so the odds of this are not high. But even if we can’t bottom-line childcare for you, we can list your event on our monthly volunteer calendar.

If you think your organization might be a good fit for our collective, and have a childcare request, please send us an email (bayareachildcarecollective (at)  including the following information:

  • Estimated dates & times of your event
  • Estimated # of children expected, and estimated age range
  • Budget for childcare (if any)


Current Core Members

Rachel is a white queer Jewish woman who grew up in the Bay Area and joined BACC soon after returning to the area in 2012. Having grown up very much a part of an intergenerational community and experienced empowering community spaces from a young age, Rachel was excited to help support and prioritize such communities within liberatory movements.  This, in combination with a commitment to supporting local grassroots racial justice organizing, led Rachel to BACC. Rachel was and continues to be deeply moved by participating in movements that center the organizing of m/others of color and prioritize families and children as central to movements for all of our liberation. Rachel loves getting to play ‘as one of the kids’ and is continuously inspired and rejuvenated by time spent playing and in conversation with the kids of BACC–from learning about young people’s experiences of gentrification to receiving reminders that “grown-ups can choose to play too.” The connections Rachel has built with kids and parents within BACC are central to her local organizing and continually inspire and motivate her to build and play our way into a new world.

Encian joined BACC in 2008, recently after moving to the Bay Area from the Northeast, where he had had some very special kids in his life. As a transplant with race and class privilege, he felt it was particularly important to support local anti-displacement efforts, while also laying down roots and preparing to stay in the Bay for the long-haul. Encian soon fell in love with working with kids, so much so that he left the nonprofit industrial complex in 2012 to pursue becoming a preschool teacher. He is now happily teaching at a parent-teacher cooperative in Berkeley, and continuing to study early childhood education with the excellent teachers Contra Costa Community College as well as mentors. Encian is particularly fascinated by childrens’ fantasy play and the use of storytelling as a method of empowerment and liberation in and out of the classroom. He feels utterly honored and humbled by the caregivers who have trusted him with their babies over the years, and the young people who have opened up and shared their perspectives, imagination and wisdom.

Contact us

If you want to learn more about the work we do please contact us at: bayareachildcarecollective (at)


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