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New Member Orientation November 17th



Join the Bay Area Childcare Collective (BACC)! This is our first orientation for new members since last March; we have been working on a new CONSENT & BOUNDARIES protocol and training for our members, and it’s now ready to share! In the meantime, our partner groups — La Colectiva, Causa Justa :: Just Cause, LeftRoots, Young Women’s Freedom Center, Young Workers United and others — need our continued volunteer power to keep their programs running and accessible to parents.

BACC MISSION: We are committed to offering free, play-based childcare and childcare resources to grassroots liberation groups composed of and led by people who face multiple oppressions, particularly low/no income immigrant women and women of color. Our priority is to support groups that have many mothers and other caregivers in their membership.

Plug into urgent & long-term local grassroots organizing for racial and economic justice! Our partner groups build power in black and brown Bay Area communities while fighting against displacement, fighting for immigrant rights, facilitating community visioning and more!
*Support undocumented and low-income mothers and other caregivers’ voices in the movement.
*Kid-time! Play, create, sing, discuss, read, move, build, and grow your soul with kick*ss bay area kids.
*We are also looking for PAID PROVIDERS to join our paid provider network and receive ~1-3 gig referrals per month (no commitment)

*Pre-orientation readings (~30 mins – 1 hour)
*New Provider Orientation (3 hours)
*One skill-building activity every six months
*One (2-4 hour) childcare shift per month for at least six months (FOR GENERAL VOLUNTEER BACC MEMBERS)
*No shift commitment to join our PAID PROVIDER NETWORK and receive referrals for paid childcare gigs from local social justice groups

Contact us with all accessibility needs and questions for this event and for providing ongoing childcare with BACC: Virtual orientations are available.


email us and we’ll get in touch with other options!

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!

In Community,
Alison, Amber, Encian, Helena, Lauren (Lo), Natalie
(the Bay Area Childcare Collective Core)