General contact:

Bay area childcare collective (at) gmail (dot) com   (without the spaces)

Or contact us by phone via Core Member Encian at 510-827-0443

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  1. The link on the ‘Get Involved’ page was not working.

    I volunteered at the Capitol, last Spring and I would love to work with everyone again.

    I was connected to your group via Encian.
    I worked with Xochitl.

    I live in Sacramento but I was invited to travel to SF and to volunteer again with your next event near my home.
    Please let me know how I can move towards working more with your organization.

    I will try to phone the posted contact phone number, as well.

  2. Hello, I am working on a parenting ministry. I have a colleague who introduced me to your work as a resource for parents. Are you still in business/functioning as a program? I would like to know more. I included a bit of information about the work I do. It is a work in progress… I will also connect with you via Thanks!
    Min. Ursula A. McClure, MDiv/CSR candidate.

    • Hi, just saw this post from a year ago. We are still functioning as a program, but without sufficient capacity to keep on top of our web presence. We do see and respond to emails, however, so please write to us there if you still want to chat. We work with organizations, not individual families.

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