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Welcome to BACC’s New Website!


Hello friends,

At long last, after some digitally challenged months, our website is back in action!

Check it out and let us know what you think. We’re going to be posting more, especially in the way of photos, videos, and practical childcare resources. If you’d like to write an article about your childcare collective experience, or add something to the website, please contact us and we’ll make it happen: bayareachildcarecollective(at)gmail(dot)com.

love and play,

Your friends in the Childcare Collective Core

Archives from our previous web site


Thanks to volunteers at CJJC annual dinner

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Thanks everyone who helped out with the CJJC annual dinner, “regeneracion”! I wanted to pass along the thank you we received from CJJC in the form of a beautiful handwritten thank you card. Unfortunately you can’t see the crafts-corner-worthy cut out art, but please try to imagine. For those who couldn’t make it, come out next year! –encian

“Three cheers for the childcare collective! thank you for providing creative, loving, & politicized care for the kids at regeneracion! and for offering childcare infrastructure to cjjc for our daily work. we so appreciate you all & your dedication to our young people. towards open borders & just, healthy housing, and everything else our children need! big hugs, CJJC”

Games Wiki Now Exists!

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The days of printing multiple pdfs and carting around games books from the library are over. Now you can go to our work-in-progress Games Wiki before your childcare shift, and find something fun (and political, and transformational!) to play! Then, after your shift, go back to the wiki and add all the tips you just learned about how to modify Jumping Toe Tag so that it works with 3 year olds in a conference room. Or add the game that the kids just invented!

It’s easy. The idea of a “wiki” is that it’s a website that anyone can edit– this is how wikipedia works, for example. To edit the wiki, create a log-in at the top-right of the page, and then edit away! There are more instructions on that page if you’re getting stuck, and you can always email or call for more assistance. Also, I’m looking for some collective members (or anyone) who want to volunteer typing up games from some old books I have. You will be rewarded with hot tub use (optional), and bubbles.

Lastly, special thanks to collective member Mika for spearheading this project and building the wiki. It’s beautiful.

In play,

-Encian  (epastel(at), 510-613-5059)

Here’s the link to the games wiki again in case you missed it

March with the Bay Area Childcare Collective on May 29th day of action against Arizona!

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The Childcare Collective “Rattle the System” contingent is meeting at the vaillancourt fountain at 4pm. Bring kids, bubbles, noise makers, jump ropes & signs!

The Arizona baseball team, the Diamondbacks (whose owner helps bankroll the right wing in Arizona) are playing the Giants in San Francisco. Protests against the Diamondbacks around the country help promote the Arizona Boycott, and help nationalize the struggle. In SF on the 29th, Assemble at Embarcadero at 4PM for March. March to and Protest at AT&T Park at 5.15PM. The game starts at 6.05PM.