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Coloring Book Sold Out (PDF Available); New Pronunciation


The coloring book “Land for the People” is now officially sold out! As in, we’ve run out of our stockpile of hard copies from the days when we had free printer access. We have an infinite supply of PDFs to send out, fortunately, so please email us if you’d like one. (bayareachildcarecollective (at) You can still donate–optional–but funds will now go into our general fund, which pays for projects like printing flyers and sending local organizers & kids to the Allied Media Conference. See the button, below.

Also, please get in touch if you have printer access and would like to help print more books!

While we’re posting, we’d also like to announce our acronym’s pronunciation change! At last, a less awkward way to say BACC. The new way is like this: “Back-Sea.” We like to envision doing the backstroke in a calm, warm ocean as we say it. Ahhh.

Happy new year from your friends at

BACC (it’s spelled the same, but don’t forget! Visualize it!)



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