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Current Partner Organizations

Causa Justa :: Just Cause, a multi-racial, grassroots organization building community leadership to achieve justice for low-income San Francisco and Oakland residents. In 2010, CJJC emerged from the strategic collaboration of two powerful organizations: St. Peter’s Housing Committee and Just Cause Oakland. In 2014, CJJC merged with our long-term San Francisco-based partner group, POWER.

The Women’s Collective/La Colectiva de Mujeres, a worker-run cleaning collective and voice for immigrant workers in SF (and nationally!).

LeftRoots, a national formation of social movement organizers and activists who want to connect grassroots struggles to a strategy to win liberation for all people and the planet.

Past and Occasional Partner Organizations

APEN (Asian Pacific Environmental Network), uniting Asian and Pacific Islander communities for environmental and social justice.

Critical Resistance, a national grassroots organization that seeks to build an international movement to end the Prison Industrial Complex by challenging the belief that caging and controlling people makes us safe.

SF WAR (San Francisco Women Against Rape) is a women of color led, volunteer-based organization that has provided rape crisis services to survivors of sexual assault for over 30 years.

Plaza 16 Coalition, a coalition fighting for deeply affordable housing in the Mission, not more luxury towers.

Parent Voices

Mission SRO Families Collaborative

Chinese Progressive Association

Black Teachers Project

Bay Resistance

Arab Resource & Organizing Center

Intergalactic Conspiracy of Childcare Collectives

“We hold babies! We hold space! We hold together against the culture of individualism and oppression!”

ICCC Website and Resource Hub (a work in progress)

Regeneración Childcare NYC

Montreal Childcare Collective

Philly Child Care Collective

DC Childcare Collective

Kidz City Baltimore

La Semilla Childcare Collective de Austin

ChiChiCo (Chicago Childcare Collective)

Minneapolis Childcare Collective

Los Angeles Childcare Collective …Facebook Link

Childcare Collectives in the News

Bay Area Childcare Collective (BACC) Interview in Left Turn

“Children of a Revolution: The Childcare Collective and Social Movement” (BACC member writes for Slingshot)

Article about the Montreal Childcare Collective

Interview with Lewis of ChiChiCo More ChiChiCo, in areachicago

Practical Childcare Resources

Games Wiki: an ongoing compilation of cooperative games, learning games, radical games, etc, from various sources.  You are encouraged to add your favorite games and facilitating tips!

“Wizardz Around the Rainbow”-English Transformative Justice & Childcare Comic: a brief guide to incorporating transformative justice principles into childcare practices, in comic form. As published in Don’t Leave Your Friends Behind, PM Press 2012. Our friends at Regeneración Childcare Collective in NYC translated part of this comic into Spanish:

Arcoiris de Justicia Transformativa Y de Cuidado de Niñxs

(Want to use the rainbow as a teaching tool? Here’s a link to a Childcare 101 Workshop Agenda. It’s a work in progress.)

“Hey Baby!” Comic Guide to Infant/Toddler Care: a brief(-ish) guide to caring for infants and toddlers. For childcare collective providers and anyone who “doesn’t know what to do” with babies. Based in the philosophies of Magda Gerber and Emmi Pikler.

Tips & Helpful Phrases for Childcare Providers Working with Young Children a long name for a concise 2-pager, compiled from various sources.

Six Step Approach to Problem Solving: a 1/2 page guide to facilitating problem solving processes, in 6 easy steps!

Conflict Resolution Strategies for Working with Youth (google doc)

The FreeChild Project provides tools and training to young people and adults that engage children and youth in social change. This site has an extensive repository of resources.

Kidpower  teaches people of all ages and abilities how to use their own power to stay safe, act wisely, and believe in themselves.  You can download their free coloring books (in spanish  & english & german) about personal safety and boundaries as well as check out blog posts and articles at the link above.

Radical Education and Parenting Reading List assembled by the Minneapolis Childcare Collective, this list is long and full! Thanks, friends.

Irresistible Ideas for Play-Based Learning blog with lots of ideas in it (although apolitical at first glance).

Early Childhood Podcasts we haven’t listened to these yet but they look great and we can’t wait! includes: Renegade Rules, Mommin’ Around, Keeping It Real With Kisha, Teaching with the Body In Mind, and more.

Other Useful Resources for Members

Bay Area Childcare Collective: Mission, Vision, Goals and Guiding Principles (google doc)

BACC General Guidelines for Childcare (google doc)

Expectations for Joining the BACC Core (google doc)

“Sisters at the Center” Vision (google doc)

Signs of Child Abuse- List (google doc)

Recruitment Sheet  (google doc) for collecting email addresses of folks interested in joining BACC at events

Sign-in Sheet (google spreadsheet) (formerly known as “Kid Drop-Off Form”) English & Spanish

Permission Slip for Going Offsite (google doc)

Permission Slip for Going Offsite-Spanish Version (google doc)

Cheat Sheet (google doc) (aka BACC Sign-in Protocol)

New Member Contract (& Member-Connecting Questionnaire) –posted this as reference for other collectives:)

Political Education/Anti-Oppression/Transformative Justice Resources

“Towards a Family Friendly Movement: Intergenerational Liberation for All” an excellent analysis of capitalism, individualism, childcare and left movements from the eleven o’clock alchemy blog

Generation FIVE (Gen5) is dedicated to ending child sexual abuse in five generations. Gen5’s website provides many resources about transformative justice in general.

SOUL (School of Unity and Liberation) is a training center that is working to lay the groundwork for a powerful liberation movement by supporting the development of a new generation of young organizers – especially young women, young people of color, queer youth and working-class young people.

Catalyst Project is a center for political education and movement building based in the San Francisco Bay Area that is committed to anti-racist work in majority white sections of left social movements with the goal of deepening anti-racist commitment in white communities and building multiracial left movements for liberation.

Other Bay Area Childcare Resources

Bananas  is an Alameda County nonprofit that provides free parenting information, workshops and referrals to family child care, child care centers, preschools, babysitters, in-home caregivers, nannies and playgroups. We provide subsidized child care for parents in need. We also offer training, workshops, classes and technical support to caregivers and child care programs to assure parents a wide selection of quality care.

Children’s Council of San Francisco  strives to make high-quality, affordable child care a reality for all San Francisco families.

Parent Voices is a a parent-run, parent-led grassroots organization fighting to make quality child care accessible and affordable to all families.

EarlyOakland.org is an easy-access map designed to help low income parents in Oakland enroll young children in early education. A similar project is currently under development for San Francisco.

Caring Hands Workers’ Association is our recommendation for organizations and individuals who can afford paid childcare. Caring hands is a job training program and worker’s collective for Latina immigrants run through Mujeres Unidas y Activas.

want us to link to your website? email us at bayareachildcarecollective(at)gmail(dot)com

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