What the Childcare Collective can do for you

  • Create a space for radical educational fun
  • Meet other fun and dedicated social justice organizers
  • Act in solidarity with immigrant parents and low income women of color
  • Practice Spanish
  • Be creative and play! Gain creative problem solving skills

We’re particularly looking for volunteers who…

  • Are available for regular shifts once or twice per month, or once a week. Current priority shifts are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings from 5-7 in SF, and weekday mornings in SF. But we have shifts on both sides of the bay, many different days and times!
  • Have some previous childcare experience (not necessary, though.)
  • Speak some Spanish (not necessary, though.)

Ways to get involved

  • Come out to our next New Member Orientation
  • Come out to our next Core Organizing meeting
  • In addition to general collective members we are also looking for interns to build our collective.

Email us at bayareachildcarecollective (at) gmail.com for times, location and more information!

Membership Requirements

Each volunteer commits to do each of the following:

  1. Attend one orientation close to when you join.
  2. Provide childcare at least once each month for 2-4 hours, preferably signing up by phone or email for a regular shift (such as the first Friday of every month) for 6 months. You can renew your commitment at the end of that period.
  3. Participant in one skill-building activity (most activities are free, online workshops or readings) per 6 months
  4. Keep the Collective supplied with current contact information: a phone number and email address.
  5. Return phone calls and emails from the Collective, even if it is to say that you aren’t available.

Membership Benefits

  1. You get to attend volunteer gatherings / trainings/ gameshares! These are important times to get to meet other volunteers, address challenges, and build practical skills for use during childcare.
  2. You will definitely gain childcare skills. There will also be many opportunities to develop your leadership in a variety of organizing areas (outreach/PR, design, volunteer management, public speaking,  development, etc).
  3. You will have support/mentorship by Core members and peer collective members.
  4. You will have fun and support immigrant parents and low-income women of color organizers in the Bay Area!
  5. Free bubbles for all!

For Organizations

Who We Work With

The childcare collective prioritizes working with grassroots liberation groups composed of and led by people who face multiple oppressions, particularly low/no income immigrant women and women of color. Our priority is to support groups that have many mothers and other caregivers in their membership.

Strategically, we try to work with groups that:

  • are building community power and fighting for more than reform
  • center the membership and promote the leadership of m/others (mothers & other caregivers) who experience multiple oppressions
  • are low-resourced (but having a childcare budget is not a disqualifying factor!)

What Our Partnerships Look Like

We partner with organizations to provide free, competent, patient, and politicized childcare for ongoing meetings or one-time events. What our childcare specifically looks like varies from event to event, but we emphasize fun, play-based learning, and youth empowerment towards liberation.

Our Current Capacity

Right now the Childcare Collective, regretfully, does not have the capacity to accept new long-term organizational partners. We may be able to work with you for a one-time event or conference.

While we prioritize providing childcare for our long-term partner groups, we work with other groups on a case-by-case basis as capacity allows.

However, we get many more requests from groups that meet these criteria than we’re able to fill, and we’ve learned that when we overextend ourselves the quality of care we provide directly suffers. Therefore, a determining factor will be whether any of our core members are able to bottom-line organizing volunteers for the event. Right now, we’re down to 3 core members–so the odds of this are not fantastic. But even if we can’t bottom-line childcare for you, we can list your event on our monthly volunteer calendar, connect you with paid providers, or help brainstorm childcare options for your group.

If you think your organization might be a good fit for our collective, and have a childcare request, please send us an email (bayareachildcarecollective (at) gmail.com)  including the following information:

  • Estimated dates & times of your event
  • Estimated # of children expected, and estimated age range
  • Budget for childcare (if any)

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