Radical Coloring Book now available!


UPDATE: COLORING BOOK SOLD OUT, PDF AVAILABLE at http://intergalactic-childcare.weebly.com/books-coloringchildrens-books.html



“Land for the People// La Tierra Para La Gente, A Radical Coloring Book” is now available to order online, by mail, or in person from core members!  Get your coloring book now for a sliding scale donation of $2-$20+, which will go entirely to La Colectiva. La Colectiva’s parent organization La Raza Centro Legal has been threatened by massive budget cuts this year.

If you would like a copy, please email the BACC core at

bayareachildcarecollective@gmail.com with the amount of your donation and the intended method of your donation (online, check by mail, or in-person), as well as whether you prefer a printed or online copy. Please include your phone number if you would like to arrange an in person exchange and your address + an extra $5 for shipping if you are requesting a copy by mail. Use the donation button below if you would like to make your donation by credit card online.

Donate Button with Credit Cards


About Bay Area Childcare Collective

Our Mission We are committed to offering childcare resources to grassroots organizations composed of and led by m/others who face multiple oppressions, primarily by providing competent and politicized childcare to low/no income immigrant m/others and m/others of color.

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